Fundaciòn Broke/ Laboring Glory/ 2013

Most artists, it would be safe to assume, leave art school hopeful that they can live the rest of their lives solely devoted to the exploration art and subsequently living-off the fruits of their artistic labours. However, the reality is that only 1 or possibly 2 out of 10 graduates achieve enough immediate financial success to be able to practice as a full-time artist. The rest would slowly drift into different fields, albeit still art-related,while still trying to participate in the occasional art exhibition, waiting for grant applications to fall through or finally winning that coveted Art Prize.

Fundación Broke presents an interesting selection of these journeymen, artisans and apprentices. Most are still in the early stages of their careers, while a few may already be on the path to that elusive, artists-working-for-their-own-art ideal. The exhibition will showcase works that explore the intersections of art, craft and labor, with a self-reflexive eye trained on the ongoing struggle to earn a day’s pay.

Curated by Gary-Ross Pastrana

Laboring Glory silicone, aluminum wire variable dimension 2013

Laboring Glory
silicone, aluminum wire
variable dimensions


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