Urban Legends/ A frail likeness yet/ 2016

Made of bread, the sculptures are formed into something that looks like a vessel, or a hollow container with an opening. Both something that can contain and be contained, the idea is to create a simulacrum about the concept on “we become what we eat”, whether of literal food, of social or spiritual food, and in the same way, “we also become a food” that others could partake from- in the process of daily exchange and reciprocities.

Like swallowing an anthropomorphic form from its opening that appears to be its mouth, the hollow bread defined by it, continually defies gravity. The depiction of the bread is like that of the body’s skin that functions as an enclosure to interior organs and is said to be where the human essence resides.

Urban Legend works on the same concept of simulacrum as people’s fears and hopes take the form of ghosts and enchantments in narratives. Though expressed in fiction, it represents reality. And while to eat the vessel or be eaten by it would sound irrational, it is true that cultures and beliefs form people.

© Seoul Museum of Art and Sangtae Kim

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