To {eat} is to {survive} to {be hungry}/ After Painting/ 2018

After Painting I is made of the outer layer of premixed paints that have cured over time, from 2017. They were the left over palette of a previous painting installed in the same grid arrangement on a canvas. Their emptied shells suggest this evidence of use or consumption. After Painting II is made from the same mixture of residual paints molded and sculpted into forms like that of fruits in a still life, installed on a sculpture wheel . To resemble a sculpture yet still leaving suggestions of its origin as a painting.


After Painting I

After Painting I

AFTER PAINTING I, oil, canvas, 2018

©photos by Miguel Uy


IMG_20180609_234409499 (1)

AFTER PAINTING II, oil, wheel, picture light, 2018



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